About HNN, a Health Media Network

HNN, a Health Media Network, is educating patients by providing information, expertise, and support for the medical community. HNN’s goal is to connect Patients and Families with the Physicians and Hospitals they need to find solutions and stay healthy. HNN builds the networks that bring patients and the medical community together.

Health Media Network (HMN) provides trusted healthcare communication platforms at the Point of Care to advance consumer health literacy and facilitate better conversations between doctors and patients to improve healthcare outcomes.

HNN’s Patient Education System

HNN’s mission is Patient Education

Our Mission

Being sick is hard enough but then add searching for a cure or relief and it can become overwhelming.

HNN’s Patient Education Program is built to connect Patients & their Loved Ones with Local Hospitals & Physicians.

The HNN Channel is created for the Community it airs in. Learn about Conditions, Procedures, Events, and Support Groups that can help you find answers and hopefully the relief you need.

HNN believes the experts and options that you learn about will help you on your road to recovery.

If you are a Healthcare Professional and would like to build an HNN Channel for your community please contact us.